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  • snailshellbackpack 6:00 pm on March 6 11 Permalink | Reply  

    new thing 

    gonna go up

    on the broken trampoline


    stretch my arms,

    the wind current

    will lift me, i will glide

    somewhere not here


    no crash-land, my body

    will be laid like a pillow

    on some beach

    with a sound like a long

    kiss on malleable sand


    well then i’ll walk

    to a place where i can tell

    you that i am here

    and then i’ll walk

    to the place where you are


    and i’ll fucking break down the door

    and sleep on your goddamn chest

    • Poncho Peligroso 7:41 pm on March 7 11 Permalink | Reply

      i love this

      blee blee blee woo woo swag woo

    • Meta Beaule 12:41 am on March 12 12 Permalink | Reply

      good site!! You could start many more. I love all the info provided. I will stay tuned.

    • branchenverzeichnis 1:36 pm on September 1 12 Permalink | Reply

      My family members always say that I am killing my time here at web,
      but I know I am getting know-how everyday by reading thes fastidious content.

  • snailshellbackpack 1:26 pm on March 1 11 Permalink | Reply  

    i have killed some stuff i have eaten… 

    i have killed some stuff

    i have eaten some stuff

    that other people have killed

    i told somebody

    that i was literally dead today

    i imagine myself followed

    by the ghosts of these things

    as i meander around the kitchen

    i told them

    that i was literally

    haunting them

    by talking to them

    invisible bugs on my cereal

    an intangible, years-old pork chop

    all rotting in my cup of tea

    and i pretended

    that i was joking

    can ghosts haunt each other


    thank you for reading

    the last time i posted was just before midnight on december 31st 2010

    i’m sorry it’s taken so long for me to post again (via guilt at taking so long to do the poetry packages for people)

    things are stressful, i live in a cupboard, i can’t find a job, stuff

    if you want to hear the above poem in my voice i read it out loud with the stanzas in a different order some time into this song

    (i sound terrified and i am terrified)

    thank you you cute-ass people

    • offshore company 2:13 pm on March 2 11 Permalink | Reply

      My heart it is broken!..Jumps off a bridge..Sorry for vearing off topic but I checkout of your 3 PWN threads about Dream of Duke and I just have to say you did an AMAZING job man!………………………………………………………………… My heart it is broken!..Jumps off a bridgeSorry for vearing off topic but I checkout of your 3 PWN threads about Dream of Duke and I just have to say you did an AMAZING job man!..Haha thanks dude always good to meet a fan………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  • snailshellbackpack 6:48 pm on December 6 10 Permalink | Reply  

    i’m sorry my last tweet of 2010 was so d… 

    i’m sorry my last tweet of 2010 was so disappointing

    i love you, you are all cute as heck

  • snailshellbackpack 10:07 am on December 10 10 Permalink | Reply  

    new thing that i do now: poetry package thing 

    here is a ghost chococat, just for you

    hi um, surprisingly quick follow-up to the last post

    i now have this little thing that i do that a bunch of people seem interested in

    what it is, is i write stuff on stuff and send it to people

    i will write poetry specifically personalised for whoever requests it, on found objects and things

    so it can be on stuff like pages from books and magazines and postcards and other little things that i cherish

    or it can be on things like, polaroids of my poetry written in unusual places

    or like, a CD where each successive track is me saying a word from the poem

    it’s a package, so you’d get a whole bunch of these things

    you could ask for any theme you want, in the poetry or the things they are written / presented on

    it only costs £5, which is roughly $7.50, which is roughly €6, etc. (plus shipping costs)

    if you are interested in this send me an email at

    or even if you are not interested you could send an email too, or something

    if you are super-keen, or have already made it clear that you definitely want a package (i have a list sitting next to me here right now) here is a pricing list:

    Place (£5 + shipping)
    UK £5.50
    Europe £7.00
    Rest of World £8.00

    paypal yr respective amount to and i will mail it to you, it will be all pretty and you will love it

    i don’t know exactly how long it takes but an estimate is that the UK will take 2-5 days and everywhere else will take 4+ days

    this isn't me, this is a ghosty picture of my ghostfriend mauver

    thank you, um

    also in follow up to my previous post, which included a top ten favourite musical releases of 2010 list

    here is a free mixtape of music selected from those 10 albums

    one track per album, not necessarily a favourite, in order of the list

    1. Forest Swords – ‘Hoylake Mist’
    2. Los Campesinos – ‘Who Fell Asleep In’
    3. Johnny Foreigner – ‘Harriet, By Proxy’
    4. Neverever – ‘Young Runaways’
    5. Erykah Badu – ‘Love’
    6. Baths – ‘Seaside Town’
    7. Islet – ‘Ringerz’
    8. Nicki Minaj – ‘Did It On’em’
    9. Scissor Shock – ‘knife in the head of all false abstract expressionists’
    10. Lil B “The BasedGod” – ‘My Window Sill’
    11. [Bonus] The National – ‘Afraid of Everyone’
    12. [Bonus] Beach House – ‘Norway’

    and also two extra bonus songs that i’m sort of obsessed with but weren’t part of a good enough album to be on the list


    how awesome is that

    i am super looking forward to Pop Serial #2 coming out, via

    til next time, stay ghostmodern

  • snailshellbackpack 3:02 pm on December 3 10 Permalink | Reply  

    like a hundred zillion poems, and other things 

    hello kitty band-aid


    when i am here

    i forget where i used to be

    when i am not here

    please don’t remember

    how i kept forgetting

    when i am there

    i will cash in

    all the words i had

    for a new body

    and i will lay that body

    in a road in times square

    and hum to my self

    hum hum hum

    here is my contribution to the "photographs with 'i am like october when i am dead in them'" meme, i guess?

    • i will carve a spaceship from my internet flesh

    don’t bother trying to call me

    i will be busy carving a spaceship from my internet flesh

    • our little private jokes

    my need to be wanted

    your want to be needed

    we laugh

    and feel infinite

    not in a good way

    and neither of us know

    that both of us feel infinite

    we never say that we are fucked


    i guess that

    if we fucked forever

    we would never have to feel

    • what did you think

    of that time i stopped talking

    stopped leaving my room

    stopped eating

    you didn’t even know that happened

    do you like my poems

    • my first step

    in radically dissociating

    from my body

    is to eat

    all of this fucking

    peanut butter

    • when you find this poem

    on a screwed up piece of paper in the trash,

    please don’t read it

    it hurts when you read it

    my writing process

    • remember the night

    we talked about light speed

    paradoxed ourselves dizzy

    sat in a field, shaded

    in the midst of blinding roads

    and felt something

    straining us from the grass

    what was that

    and why did we hold on

    • i curl up in the empty bathtub

    record myself making baby noises

    feel purpose

    lay with my phone on my chest

    think about living on neptune, tea,

    sticky rice

    i feel the radiation sink in

    imagine it filling gaps where words were

    i sleep

    sleeping in a bathtub is so nice






    those are all of the poems

    i dedicate them to Poncho Peligroso [ ]

    i am sorry i haven’t done this thing in a while

    words are hard

    a few great things happened while i ‘wasn’t blogging’

    i handed out steve roggenbuck’s chapbook to a bunch of people

    here are a couple photos of me holding photos of emilie holding copies of ‘i am like october when i am dead’

    the first one also has jonny’s foot in it

    the second one had too much brightness or something so you can’t see the words and written in biro next to it is “a poem by steve roggenbuck, sort of”


    another thing is that Poncho Peligroso sent me a bunch of really neat stuff

    including a moleskine notebook, a copy of ‘richard yates’ by tao lin and a copy of ‘eat when you feel sad’ by zachary german

    i haven’t written in the moleskine notebook yet, it’s so pretty

    i have read all of ‘richard yates’ but have not finished ‘eat when you feel sad’ yet, this is not a comment on the books it’s just the thing that happened

    i really liked ‘richard yates’ it made me feel terrible pretty much throughout it

    well um here are some more pictures

    a note that came with the mail, it says, "Dear Snail Shell Escape Artist, I BELIEVE IN YOU, KEEP IT TOGETHER, YOU'RE A FUCKING POET. sincerely, poncho peligroso"

    pretty books on top of pretty moleskine on top of pretty envelope

    and the pretty envelope too it says "To: Aurist (who is a ghost)"

    so uh yeah thank you so much Poncho Peligroso you are the best

    i hope you enjoyed my words and this post or something i guess

    here is a list of my favourite 10 releases from 2010, because i can

    it will probably change a lot later but i don’t even care i’m making this god damn post

    1. Forest Swords – Dagger Paths

    2. Los Campesinos – Romance is Boring

    3. Johnny Foreigner – You Thought You Saw a Shooting Star but Yr Eyes Were Blurred With Tears and That Lighthouse Can Be Pretty Deceiving With the Sky So Clear and Sea So Calm

    4. Neverever – Angelic Swells

    5. Erykah Badu – New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh)

    6. Baths – Cerulean

    7. Islet – Wimmy

    8. Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday

    9. Scissor Shock – Psychic Existentialism

    10. Lil B – Rain in England

    thank you i don’t know when i will be back

  • snailshellbackpack 7:44 pm on October 7 10 Permalink | Reply  

    recently the blog of the “limited-editi… 

    very sad w mao feng tea swinging from mouth

    recently the blog of the “limited-edition art/literature print magazine” Pop Serial mentioned my review of steve roggenbuck’s chapbook

    felt kinda dizzy because they have some amazing people that do stuff for them

    and sorta the fact that it’s the first time anything i have done has really been on a thing that a lot of people would see



    (Stephen Dierks, the guy who runs it i do not know if it is on his own or not)

    are producing their second edition of their thing

    it has Tao LinNoah CiceroHeather ChristleSam PinkDaniel BaileyBrandon Scott GorrellKendra Grant MaloneMatthew SavocaBen Brooks,Brandi WellsPrathna LorAudun MortensenFrank HintonMiles Ross,Megan BoyleMichael InscoeJordan CastroAna C.Cassandra Troyan,Cody TroyanBrittany WallaceFeng Sun ChenCarrie LorigRebecca OlsonDavid FishkindAndrew James WeatherheadErik Stinson,Richard ChiemShannon PeilBrett GallagherBen Rosamond, and Steve Roggenbuck on it

    it has art by Aidan KochMallory WhittenSara DrakeLyra HillRyan Manning,Philip TsengVan JazminElizabeth ArnoldTracy BrannstromMrinalini Kannan on it too

    which is quite um

    there’s a lot of wow, for me, here


    and it needs funding

    and helping to fund it will get you a bunch of cool stuff


    $10 gets you a physical copy of the thing

    $500 gets “1 copy of POP SERIAL #2 + 1 copy of POP SERIAL #1 + 1 phone call of disbelief/extreme gratitude from me (Stephen Tully Dierks) if you want + 1 video of me (Stephen Tully Dierks) doing the ‘celebration dance’ + 1 copy of my college creative writing thesis, SOUL IN PARAPHRASE (yes, that’s actually the title) (only 1 available of this particular prize) + 1 copy of any book you want (I’ll buy it for you) + 1 copy of I AM LIKE OCTOBER WHEN I AM DEAD by Steve Roggenbuck”

    and a lot of stuff in between $10 and $500


    my thing here, is i am completely broke

    so what i am going to do is make an offer or something

    the cover art of the 'music' thing


    i sell music at

    music that i made

    any purchases made on there

    i will donate every penny that isn’t stolen from me by paypal fees

    (though those fees are not much i guess)

    so um

    you get 11 pieces of ‘music’

    and the satisfaction of funding a really amazing art / literature magazine

    plus if you want me to give you a blowjob or whatever, anything else i’m down for that

    so uh

    please consider it


    i am drinking my last cup of mao feng green tea

    i am now all out of mao feng green tea

    i am so poor

    i feel sadness

    • stephen 8:03 pm on October 8 10 Permalink | Reply

      wow. thank you, liam! seems very sweet. i feel your pain re being poor. you seem like a nice bro. very generous. thank you.

    • Humberto O. Holland 8:25 pm on January 8 13 Permalink | Reply

      More recently Bryan Kneale’s statue of Manx Trafalgar hero Captain John Quilliam was unveiled in the Speaker’s Garden, Castletown and a further example of his work will soon be seen in Malew, where a statue of Illiam Dhone is soon to be unveiled.

  • snailshellbackpack 4:23 pm on October 4 10 Permalink | Reply  

    review: steve roggenbuck’s “i am like october when i am dead” 

    i have not had much sleep and i just got home and i feel kinda ill and the carpet on the bottom stair is even more chewed up by the family puppy
    i throw a shopping bag full of tea onto my tiny bed and go walk down the stairs again and i see an envelope with my name on it, and i feel happy and think it is cute because it includes my facebook middle name on it (“Bjartrún”)
    incidentally i don’t have an actual middle name
    bjartrún is pretty ‘vestigial’
    i felt good that i was referred to with it, even though it wasn’t to be known that it wasn’t my actual middle name
    according to some icelandic girls i know it is pretty much a girl’s name

    the wrapping around the envelope is made up of an A4 sheet of paper with stuff about Romanticism and Gothic/Neo-Gothic literature.
    some of it is annotated in pencil
    ‘bourgeois’ is underlined twice
    ‘Republican’ has a ring around it
    one thing written on it says “France starts revolutions thraught Europe” and ‘Europe’ is rubbed out.

    there is also one other piece of paper in the wrapping, it says


    ‘perry,’ now that is a good name.

    also the envelope was written on, thanking me for spreading the chapbook and for tweeting about him. i feel connected to the world briefly.

    the first thing i did when i got the chapbooks was think how amazingly cute they were and accidentally re-arrange them into reverse number order (they are numbered from 1 to 20 and on number 14 the 4 is pretty roughly penned on and i instantly connected to it).

    there isn’t a poem in the book that didn’t make me feel really strange and happy
    it opens with the line “i don’t care about reading a poem” and i like how disarming it is from the off

    i feel like these tiny poems really capture little frames of things that have happened in steve’s life
    like they are almost ‘accidental poems’
    steve has a really great eye for poetry in tiny things most people won’t notice

    i almost cried a few times at some of the images presented
    particularly the line “five months ago i saw a video of a dog being thrown into a garbage compactor”
    yesterday i had watched the video via
    so the image resonated with me a lot more than maybe if i had not

    there were also a lot of lines that were really absurd and made me laugh
    i think that ‘absurdity’ is my favourite thing in literature
    “oh, you have a smock on”
    is repeating in my head a lot

    there is also quite a lot of imagery that evokes in me a feeling of ‘autumn’
    corn harvest, sunflowers wilting
    stuff is sorta dying
    or “i,” the sort-of narrator, is leaving things or escaping things

    there is sort of a really strong sense of distance which I think contributes to the quiet absurdity
    “you are gone / for lunch i had peanuts”
    i really want to eat some nut things now but maybe not peanuts

    i am going to be pressing these chapbooks into hands
    beware if you know me
    or like run a book shop / coffee shop or something near me
    stuff is far away from me, you can run if you like

    there is bonus text and a video at
    i would really recommend that you check steve roggenbuck’s stuff out
    his sense of poetry makes me feel good
    also if you want to help distribute them, and you do because they are really cute you should send an email to
    or maybe talk to him on twitter
    also he has a website with all sorts of wonderful poetry and stuff in Helvetica font. Helvetica is really good

    i hope that you liked my first ‘not a poem’ post on here

    i really liked the picture of steve with a hoodie on laying in front of a chess board

  • snailshellbackpack 9:49 am on October 9 10 Permalink | Reply  

    naked flame 

    let’s pretend

    I know what I do when I

    do it

    would the only desires I can found



    when this current

    singes my flesh further

    skin intact

    what more can i rely on

  • snailshellbackpack 3:46 pm on October 3 10 Permalink | Reply  

    some words 

    you travel for an hour and a half

    and I travel for an hour

    and I am late

    for you


    and I am in the wrong place

    and I tell you that I am in the wrong place

    so you come to the wrong place

    where I am


    and you talk

    as though I am interesting


    and I listen

    because I don’t know how to talk


    and I feel

    like I am letting you down


    some day, I will affirm

    that I am pretty amazed

    that awe, and bewilderment

    are vanishing, some how


    like some thing, is working?

    for now

    here are,

    some words


    • Nathan Marcello 3:56 pm on October 3 10 Permalink | Reply

      This is just amazing.

      • snailshellbackpack 5:38 pm on October 5 10 Permalink | Reply

        oh thanks bro, I have no idea who you are so the compliment is even cooler. how did you stumble on my words

    • F414 1:43 am on October 1 10 Permalink | Reply

      very nice. maybe unemployment suits you fine…

    • Amazing Weirdo 10:36 pm on October 10 10 Permalink | Reply

      I know exaaactly who this is about. And still think it’s sweet :)

    • branchenverzeichnis 1:05 am on October 1 10 Permalink | Reply

      Of course, what a great site and informative posts, I will add backlink – bookmark this site? Regards,

    • stefhamae 6:34 pm on January 6 11 Permalink | Reply

      I love this poem! <3

  • snailshellbackpack 9:05 am on October 9 10 Permalink | Reply  

    i spent 800 years finding a pen so now you are going to listen 

    you are not allowed

    to offer me “help”

    you are not allowed

    to tell me not to feel bad

    and if you allow me to feel bad

    that would “help”



    everything I own is breaking

    but not as fast

    as me

    which is okay

    because that means

    I will run out of me

    before I run out of things


    and when my skin comes off

    and there’s just mist underneath

    I will go travelling

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