new thing that i do now: poetry package thing

here is a ghost chococat, just for you

hi um, surprisingly quick follow-up to the last post

i now have this little thing that i do that a bunch of people seem interested in

what it is, is i write stuff on stuff and send it to people

i will write poetry specifically personalised for whoever requests it, on found objects and things

so it can be on stuff like pages from books and magazines and postcards and other little things that i cherish

or it can be on things like, polaroids of my poetry written in unusual places

or like, a CD where each successive track is me saying a word from the poem

it’s a package, so you’d get a whole bunch of these things

you could ask for any theme you want, in the poetry or the things they are written / presented on

it only costs £5, which is roughly $7.50, which is roughly €6, etc. (plus shipping costs)

if you are interested in this send me an email at

or even if you are not interested you could send an email too, or something

if you are super-keen, or have already made it clear that you definitely want a package (i have a list sitting next to me here right now) here is a pricing list:

Place (£5 + shipping)
UK £5.50
Europe £7.00
Rest of World £8.00

paypal yr respective amount to and i will mail it to you, it will be all pretty and you will love it

i don’t know exactly how long it takes but an estimate is that the UK will take 2-5 days and everywhere else will take 4+ days

this isn't me, this is a ghosty picture of my ghostfriend mauver

thank you, um

also in follow up to my previous post, which included a top ten favourite musical releases of 2010 list

here is a free mixtape of music selected from those 10 albums

one track per album, not necessarily a favourite, in order of the list

  1. Forest Swords – ‘Hoylake Mist’
  2. Los Campesinos – ‘Who Fell Asleep In’
  3. Johnny Foreigner – ‘Harriet, By Proxy’
  4. Neverever – ‘Young Runaways’
  5. Erykah Badu – ‘Love’
  6. Baths – ‘Seaside Town’
  7. Islet – ‘Ringerz’
  8. Nicki Minaj – ‘Did It On’em’
  9. Scissor Shock – ‘knife in the head of all false abstract expressionists’
  10. Lil B “The BasedGod” – ‘My Window Sill’
  11. [Bonus] The National – ‘Afraid of Everyone’
  12. [Bonus] Beach House – ‘Norway’

and also two extra bonus songs that i’m sort of obsessed with but weren’t part of a good enough album to be on the list


how awesome is that

i am super looking forward to Pop Serial #2 coming out, via

til next time, stay ghostmodern