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  • snailshellbackpack 3:24 am on October 3 10 Permalink | Reply  

    chococat’s face on every advert on the alt report 

    i will become a celebrity through attrition,
    i’m generous by the way how you would,
    i will become a celebrity through attrition,
    lean over, lean over,
    i will become a celebrity through attrition,
    can you reach to press reset and what begets what here,
    i will become a celebrity through attrition,
    you would like to think that they did it together,
    i will become a celebrity through attrition,
    testing how much plant fiber they can eat without dying,
    i will become a celebrity through attrition,
    you know what happens to disappointments in grammar schools,
    i will become a celebrity through attrition,
    and one of them is on a sofa,
    weighing time,
    i will become a celebrity through attrition,
    oh god i gotta i,
    i gotta,
    i will become a celebrity through attrition,
    i will become a celebrity through attrition,
    everything but building a spaceship is worthless until then,
    i will become a celebrity through attrition,
    i will become a celebrity through attrition,
    makes it look more finished than it is!,
    i will become a celebrity through attrition,
    with an unfamiliar word,
    urban, rich indiction,
    i will become a celebrity through attrition,
    reground writer,
    pink milk,
    i will become a celebrity through attrition,
    i want to take a make-you,
    i want to take a make-you,
    will you take a make-you with me.

    • Ben Gabriel 6:57 am on October 6 10 Permalink | Reply

      give me some of this

    • bet365 italia 10:50 pm on October 10 10 Permalink | Reply

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    • fat loss berries 11:40 am on October 11 10 Permalink | Reply

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    • tomasz. 9:37 pm on October 9 10 Permalink | Reply

      i’m crap at understanding poetry but i really liked this one

    • snailshellbackpack 4:30 pm on October 4 10 Permalink | Reply

      this, to me, is like being on the internet

  • snailshellbackpack 8:38 pm on September 8 10 Permalink | Reply  

    messages to aurist from the internet 

    ends childe aurist zosma halidom bestuck terse remint daily. amuses capel nonoic …
    You ll hornworm no aurist each petrozavodsk imperceptibly noh subcool my is salaciously fadiest when batchwise hotcha where them evoe constipate spanish…
    gerget lackaday Synthroid Outcast might withal Norco katmandu mythologized …
    Halo, Aurist!!! Neaizmirsti, ka šovakar mēģinājums. Kur un cikos Tu jau zini!
    coryzal aurist. … coryzal aurist.
    lividity soundlessly idolisms upkeeps-
    liquidizes rushings uncomfortableness declassifies.
    dissatisfied repainting …
    Begin your “assault on salt”! …
    This so called “honest” vocalist has recruited a shit-aurist (guitarist) a rapist (bassist) and a twat for backing “vocals” but no drummer *claps*. …
    Dear Sir — I have ben deaf for 42 years, …
    An aurist 1838-1851: Quack or upright professional?
    ‘sauna aurist’ …
    repeat binaural, rotter fruiter, sauna aurist, shortage iceberg, spire spiraea, spout lathing, staysail heath …
    It is three-year-old noh say, however, altho another invertors air treatment cover-point a bit abaft aurist coulombs although aboard neeps about a cappella …
    Has any cover-point aurist abaft glass-cloth aboard each internet plan finder …
    Phosphatidyl acqusition is a hoarfrost cover-point abaft aurist after is …
    By nurontin a good deal a great deal expatriates because iodates agin aloft minorant himself aurist hereditist yes split-farthing achoo organ-lofts before …
    Anticipation was almost tangible in the classroom as the second hand ticked closer to three.
    The Junior class kept their whispers …
    • bane 10:14 pm on September 10 10 Permalink | Reply

      i love you aurist

    • Sting sting sting 8:50 am on September 8 10 Permalink | Reply

      I want to be this

    • bicbbws 8:23 pm on October 8 10 Permalink | Reply

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    • neovlwr 8:23 pm on October 8 10 Permalink | Reply

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    • ijmoqgyeh 8:24 pm on October 8 10 Permalink | Reply

      AKvllh rsermtehcfnq rsermtehcfnq jzzmfkztjgik jzzmfkztjgik, leasmgsxhwmd leasmgsxhwmd chycmwzeyjpf

  • snailshellbackpack 1:25 pm on September 1 10 Permalink | Reply  

    3 things I wrote after discovering tweeting to myself 

    I find two flooded biros,

    overwhelmed by disuse, or frustration, or something.

    I keep rummaging. Tea.

    I stumble on some abandoned batteries.

    I find myself thinking, “I wish pens were battery-powered.”

    Slump, wordless. Tea.

    I watch two tiny slugs climbing a rain-streaked window,

    their undersides rippling as they push,

    and wonder what my body does when I’m not looking.


    You can decide what I think about this.

    I know you need to feel power,

    and this is me giving it to you.

    Am I terrified? Please tell me.

    I am going to decide what to eat, and

    I, in neutrality, will still scrawl letters;

    the rest is up to you.

    I know you are okay with this.


    Too close. It feels like the plaster is going to fall.

    This boundary is not assuaging this violent impulse.

    Watch gravity give up caring.

    Holding onto grass, about to fly off.

    When I land again, I’m going to fucking hurt you.

    • Poncho Peligroso 11:44 pm on September 11 10 Permalink | Reply


  • snailshellbackpack 1:00 pm on August 1 10 Permalink | Reply  

    in symbiosis 

    Sacrament sacrificed to swim in sanguine
    rays raised by men crucified in sacrament,
    ride’s earth’s swift, pulsing channels in consequence
    with humans with twigs feeding light into it;
    erupting like sonar swaying souls away
    coinciding islands with modified maize
    modified to modify itself further,
    sweetened salt, sour cranberries missed sorely;
    vanishing dreams propelling on blueish waves,
    cauterizing, dissolving, recreating
    these soils as though sleep comes from nothing,
    and most people willingly eaten by it;
    symbiotically absorbed in order for
    truth to retain its position over death,
    until it is big enough to eat itself…
    so soft, softly we seep through channels onward…

    [The fossil-faced fish elopes with the sunrise,
    as the weeping pink palm does not contemplate
    the imagination of a dying horse,
    or anthropoids massaged by warm, green sea-lines,
    but what is filtering into its slow veins –
    a most holy sort of lightened lethargy;
    inhales itself to the size of an oyster
    and tears up, away from the source of poison.]

    • pemuzytkg 5:05 pm on September 5 10 Permalink | Reply

      qsXdkS rhjchhysirxt, drvaqnqhcktl, fxjibruewxep wzmvtxzyvozh

  • snailshellbackpack 9:44 pm on August 9 10 Permalink | Reply  

    not words for titled 

    “nullify thyself…”
    manta ray flails past window
    triggers repressed memories with its cast-iron shadow
    enterprised neurones leaping with newfound cane sugar
    fuelling the same, same reactor
    makeshift, all around you
    start dancing, manic to the same rhythm
    their rubber masks absorbing shocks from radio towers
    their skin tanned by broadcast signals, and
    their mouths spewing 2-second clips as though
    rotting minds is done to do
    and all that is needed is their field of flowers
    strewn with chunks of raw turtle meat and used lighters.
    “…there is nothing(,) right or wrong(,) here.”

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