i have killed some stuff i have eaten…

i have killed some stuff

i have eaten some stuff

that other people have killed

i told somebody

that i was literally dead today

i imagine myself followed

by the ghosts of these things

as i meander around the kitchen

i told them

that i was literally

haunting them

by talking to them

invisible bugs on my cereal

an intangible, years-old pork chop

all rotting in my cup of tea

and i pretended

that i was joking

can ghosts haunt each other


thank you for reading

the last time i posted was just before midnight on december 31st 2010

i’m sorry it’s taken so long for me to post again (via guilt at taking so long to do the poetry packages for people)

things are stressful, i live in a cupboard, i can’t find a job, stuff

if you want to hear the above poem in my voice i read it out loud with the stanzas in a different order some time into this http://www.last.fm/music/Oh+Yeah+This/_/Cross+Hunger-Border song

(i sound terrified and i am terrified)

thank you you cute-ass people