recently the blog of the “limited-editi…

very sad w mao feng tea swinging from mouth

recently the blog of the “limited-edition art/literature print magazine” Pop Serial mentioned my review of steve roggenbuck’s chapbook

felt kinda dizzy because they have some amazing people that do stuff for them

and sorta the fact that it’s the first time anything i have done has really been on a thing that a lot of people would see



(Stephen Dierks, the guy who runs it i do not know if it is on his own or not)

are producing their second edition of their thing

it has Tao LinNoah CiceroHeather ChristleSam PinkDaniel BaileyBrandon Scott GorrellKendra Grant MaloneMatthew SavocaBen Brooks,Brandi WellsPrathna LorAudun MortensenFrank HintonMiles Ross,Megan BoyleMichael InscoeJordan CastroAna C.Cassandra Troyan,Cody TroyanBrittany WallaceFeng Sun ChenCarrie LorigRebecca OlsonDavid FishkindAndrew James WeatherheadErik Stinson,Richard ChiemShannon PeilBrett GallagherBen Rosamond, and Steve Roggenbuck on it

it has art by Aidan KochMallory WhittenSara DrakeLyra HillRyan Manning,Philip TsengVan JazminElizabeth ArnoldTracy BrannstromMrinalini Kannan on it too

which is quite um

there’s a lot of wow, for me, here


and it needs funding

and helping to fund it will get you a bunch of cool stuff


$10 gets you a physical copy of the thing

$500 gets “1 copy of POP SERIAL #2 + 1 copy of POP SERIAL #1 + 1 phone call of disbelief/extreme gratitude from me (Stephen Tully Dierks) if you want + 1 video of me (Stephen Tully Dierks) doing the ‘celebration dance’ + 1 copy of my college creative writing thesis, SOUL IN PARAPHRASE (yes, that’s actually the title) (only 1 available of this particular prize) + 1 copy of any book you want (I’ll buy it for you) + 1 copy of I AM LIKE OCTOBER WHEN I AM DEAD by Steve Roggenbuck”

and a lot of stuff in between $10 and $500


my thing here, is i am completely broke

so what i am going to do is make an offer or something

the cover art of the 'music' thing


i sell music at

music that i made

any purchases made on there

i will donate every penny that isn’t stolen from me by paypal fees

(though those fees are not much i guess)

so um

you get 11 pieces of ‘music’

and the satisfaction of funding a really amazing art / literature magazine

plus if you want me to give you a blowjob or whatever, anything else i’m down for that

so uh

please consider it


i am drinking my last cup of mao feng green tea

i am now all out of mao feng green tea

i am so poor

i feel sadness